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Foreign investment system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The most prominent features of the foreign investment system in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Foreign investor: a natural person who does not have Saudi Arabian nationality, or a legal person in which not all of the partners have Saudi Arabian nationality. A foreign investor may obtain more than one license in different activities, and obtain more than one license to engage in the same activity or different other activities in accordance with the controls.Foreign investments that are licensed to operate in accordance with the provisions of this system may be in one of the following two forms: Establishments owned by a...

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Advantages of a Premium Residency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The holder of the Premium Residency enjoys the following rights and benefits: Residence in the Kingdom with his family. “The family is the dependents of the holder of the privileged residence, including: spouses, and children - who are not over twenty-one years old.”Visit visas for relatives. “By relatives, it means fathers, mothers, grandfathers and grandmothers, children and their children, even if they are still young, and brothers and sisters and their children.”Recruiting domestic workers according to his needs. "Requests for a visa to bring in domestic workers and related procedures and other provisions are subject to the procedures followed for the...

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