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About Dr. Abdullah Marei Bin Mahfouz Law firm

Since it was founded in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Dr. Abdullah Marei Bin Mahfouz law firm has been providing distinguished and diverse legal services and legal advice that achieve the highest quality standards, relying on a selection of the best lawyers and legal advisors experienced in legal work and with extensive practical experience with over 23 years in specialized legal fields, that is based on best work ethics and the latest international standards


Customers first

To provide effective and strategic services that exceed expectations while maintaining the highest standards and ensuring excellence, and this is what drives us to become the best law firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


To be a Leader

To put the highest level of excellence in the practice of law in order to be the leading law firm in the Kingdom and provide an outstanding services, by building a long-term relationship with clients based on trust and care



We serve our clients with transparency, respect and honesty and never lose sight of our core values: integrity, credibility, confidentiality and commitment. This is what you can expect of us and what we imagine of ourselves.

+ 6500

Number of Consultations

Through specialized consultants, whether employees or documented collaborators with our office in all legal fields around the world.

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+ 760

Number of Cases

Through highly qualified lawyers and extensive experience in various fields to represent companies, institutions or individuals.

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The best law firm and legal team

Legal Services Facilitated by the Top Law Firm in Saudi Arabia

Below we will highlight some of the legal services that we offer at ABM Law Firm in Saudi Arabia

Legal Consultation

  • Local
  • International
  • Consultation
  • Sharia Consulting
  • Audit
  • Memorandum of law


  • litigation
  • Attending Sessions
  • Memoranda
  • Submit Indictments
  • Legal Advice
  • For Individuals and businesses


  • Attending Session
  • Negotiation
  • Documentation
  • Firm Formation
  • Publication
  • Preliminary study

Work Law

  • Regulation
  • Resolve Disputes
  • consultancy service
  • termination of the contract
  • Amendment
  • Situation Assessment

Our Lawyers

Get to know our team of experienced lawyers  at ABM Law Firm who carry out legal work related to all commercial, economic, civil and administrative activities and provide comprehensive legal advice in all areas of specialization.

Dr. Abdullah Marei bin Mahfouz

Lawyer Nayef bin Muhammad Fawzi Yamani

Dr. Musab Abdel Alim Ghazal

Legal Counsel Faisal Khader Makki

Dr. Moaz Ahmed bin Jabal

Lawyer Shadi Muhammad Al-Bali

Legal Counsel Mohamed Mohamed Al-Gamal

Lawyer Mohammed bin Salmin Al-Somahi

Legal Counsel Abdul Rahman Ibrahim Al-Manaeb

Lawyer Abdullah Khaled Saleh

Lawyer Nawaf Muhammad Suleiman Al-Madooj

Dr. Abdullah Marei bin Mahfouz Office
ABM Law Firm

Jeddah – Riyadh – Dammam – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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